Almost every heart-quickening pursuit you can think of is offered around Interlaken. You can white-water raft on the Lütschine, Simme and Saane Rivers, canyon the Saxetet, Grimsel or Chli Schliere gorges, and canyon jump at the Gletscherschlucht near Grindelwald. If that doesn't grab you, there’s paragliding, glacier bungee jumping, skydiving, ice climbing, hydrospeeding and, phew, much more.

Adventure Sports

Switzerland is the world’s second-biggest adventure-sports centre and Interlaken is its busiest hub. Some sample prices for these activities: around Sfr120 to Sfr170 for rafting or canyoning; Sfr140 for hydrospeeding; Sfr130 to Sfr180 for bungee or canyon jumping; Sfr170 for tandem paragliding; Sfr180 for ice climbing; Sfr220 for hang-gliding; and Sfr400 to Sfr450 for skydiving.

Most excursions are without incident, but there’s always a small risk, so it’s wise to ask about safety records and procedures.

The major operators are able to arrange most sports from May to September. Advance bookings are essential.