Chocolate in Geneva


A veteran on the Swiss chocolate scene, this respected chocolatier has a stylish lake-facing boutique near the spot where its first factory opened in 1826. A favourite for its vintage and contemporary design packagi…
Food & Drinks in Geneva

Vom Fass

Oil, vinegar, wine, spirits, liqueurs and whiskies are the specialities of this captivating boutique in Eaux-Vives where a rainbow of liquids sit in attractive glass vats waiting to be tasted, purchased and decanter…
Wine in Geneva

Le Verre en Cave

A great resource for wine lovers, with dozens of vintages from Switzerland and 10 other countries, and a 'try-before-you-buy' selection of 32 wines available for free tasting.
Arts & Crafts in Geneva

Caran d'Ache - Maison de Haute Ecriture

Beautifully designed boutique packed with a rainbow of pencils, pastels, paints and crayons crafted by Swiss colour maker Caran d'Aché in Geneva since 1915.
Books in Geneva

Librairie-Galerie Bernard Letu

Distinguished Old Town bookseller with a superb collection of large-format art books and other treasures.
Market in Geneva

Flea Market

Try Geneva’s twice-weekly flea market for something different.
Department Store in Geneva


Geneva's main department store is also privy to an top-notch food hall, packed out midweek with business suits and other working Genevans at lunchtime and after work.
Clothing in Geneva

Septième Étage

Showcases an attractive collection of women's clothing from young designers in Switzerland, France and elsewhere.
Department Store in Geneva


Designer shopping is wedged between Rue du Rhône and Rue de Rive. Manor is one of the main department stores.
Books in Geneva

Au Chien Bleu

This colourful, creative kids' bookshop offers a small selection of English-language titles.