Top Choice Cafeteria in Geneva

Buvette des Bains

Meet Genevans at this earthy beach bar – rough and hip around the edges – at lakeside pool, Bains des Pâquis. Grab breakfast, a salad or the plat du jour (dish of the day), or dip into a fondue au crémant (Champagne…
Top Choice Steak in Geneva

Le Relais d'Entrecôte

Key vocabulary at this timeless classic where everyone eats the same dish is à point (medium), bien cuit (well done) and saignant (rare). It doesn't even bother with menus, just sit down, say how you like your steak…
Top Choice European in Geneva

Brasserie des Halles de l'Île

At home in Geneva's old market hall on an island, this industrial-style venue cooks up a buzzing cocktail of after-work aperitifs with music, after-dark DJs and seasonal fare of fresh veggies and regional products (…
Modern European in Geneva

Café des Bains

No brand labels, beautiful objects and an eye for design are trademarks of this fusion restaurant opposite the contemporary art museum where Genevan beauties flock. The summer patio with tables beneath trees and par…
Ice Cream in Geneva


Right-bank choice: a constant queue loiters outside this shop where ice-cream maniacs wrap their tongues around exotic flavours like carrot, orange and lemon, cucumber and mint, lime and basil or pineapple and basil…
Bistro in Geneva

Les 5 Portes

The Five Doors – with, indeed, five doors – is a fashionable Pâquis port of call that successfully embraces the gamut of moods and moments for eating and drinking. Its Sunday brunch is a particularly buzzing affair.
Hotel in Geneva

Auberge d’Hermance

A prestigious culinary address, this village inn on the Swiss-French border is where chickens are baked whole and served in a magical salt crust. Sunday cooks up brunch and the Auberge can put together the fanciest …
Chicken in Geneva

Chez Ma Cousine

'On y mange du poulet' (we eat chicken) is the strapline of this student institution, which appeals for one good reason – generously handsome and homely portions of chicken (half a chicken to be precise), potatoes a…
Modern in Geneva


The Address is an urban loft with a fabulous rooftop terrace, at home in a hybrid fashion/lifestyle boutique and contemporary bistro fashioned out of old artists' workshops. It's the Genevan address for lunch (great…
Japanese in Geneva


If it's authenticity, speed and tasty fast food on a red lacquered tray you want, this quick-eat Japanese delicatessen with tables to sit down at hits the spot.