Top Choice Laboratory in Geneva


Founded in 1954, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, 8km west of Geneva, is a laboratory for research into particle physics. It accelerates protons down a 27km circular tube (the Large Hadron Collider, t…
Top Choice Fountain in Geneva

Jet d'Eau

When landing by plane, this lakeside fountain is the first dramatic glimpse you get of Geneva. The 140m-tall structure shoots up water with incredible force – 200km/h, 1360 horsepower – to create the sky-high plume,…
Top Choice Museum in Geneva

Musée International de la Réforme

This modern museum in an 18th-century mansion zooms in on the Reformation. State-of-the-art exhibits and audiovisuals bring to life everything from the earliest printed bibles to the emergence of Geneva as 'Protesta…
Top Choice Museum in Geneva

Patek Philippe Museum

This elegant museum by one of Switzerland's leading luxury watchmakers displays exquisite timepieces and enamels from the 16th century to the present.
Top Choice Cathedral in Geneva

Cathédrale St-Pierre

Begun in the 11th century, Geneva's cathedral is predominantly Gothic with an 18th-century neoclassical facade. Between 1536 and 1564 Protestant John Calvin preached here; see his seat in the north aisle. Inside the…
Art Museum in Geneva

Musée Barbier-Mueller

Protestant John Calvin lived in the house opposite this refined gallery space, filled with objects from so-called primitive societies – think pre-Columbian South American art treasures, Pacific Island statues, and s…
Art Museum in Geneva

Musée d’Art et d’Histoire

Built between 1903 and 1910, this elegant museum is set to get even better. World-class architect Jean Nouvel is working on a Sfr127 million renovation of the building, which holds masterpieces such as Konrad Witz' …
Historic Building in Geneva

Palais des Nations

Home to the UN since 1966, the Palais des Nations was built between 1929 and 1936 to house the now-defunct League of Nations. Visits are by guided tour (reserve in advance online; bring ID card or passport) and incl…
Art Museum in Geneva

Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain

Set in an industrial 1950s factory, the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum plays cutting-edge host to young, international and cross-media exhibitions. It's free on the first Sunday of the month and between 6pm and …
Museum in Geneva

Musée de Carouge

Geneva’s bohemian streak strikes in Carouge, where the lack of any real sights – bar fashionable 18th-century houses overlooking courtyard gardens and this local history museum, packed with 19th-century ceramics – i…