Getting There & Away

The A12 motorway linking Geneva with Bern (via Lausanne) whizzes past the outskirts of the city.

TPF buses depart from behind the bus station, accessible from the train station, for Avenches (Sfr10, 25 minutes) and Bulle (Sfr16.80, 45 minutes), from where you can get connections to Charmey (Sfr7.60, 25 minutes) and Gruyères (Sfr5.20, 10 minutes).

Fribourg has regular rail connections to Geneva (from Sfr42, 1¼ hours), Neuchâtel (Sfr22, 55 minutes) and Bern (from Sfr14.20, 20 minutes) onwards to Zurich (from Sfr59, 1½ hours).

Getting Around

Fribourg is one of the towns that have adopted the PubliBike system. You can purchase a QuickBike pass (24 hours) from the Fribourg Tourisme office.