Fribourg Funicular

The Funiculaire de Fribourg, built in 1899 by the Cardinal Brewery, which managed it until the city of Fribourg took over in 1965, is unique in that it uses waste water for propulsion.

The funicular ferries passengers faithfully every six minutes up and down Fribourg's steep hillside from the riverside Old Town Pertuis station to the Upper station, an ascent of roughly 500m in just two minutes.

Even if you don't ride the funicular, it's an easy walk from the train station to the Upper station, for fantastic views over the river and the Old Town.

Urban Golf

To better navigate Fribourg's sights, consider a round of urban golf (adult/child Sfr9/5), an informative 18-hole course spread around town, designed to aid discovery; pick up clubs and course map at Fribourg Tourisme.

If you've not yet heard of the game, it's a bit like orienteering meets the traditional game of golf, in which you hit a ball into a hole with a club, only the 'course' is laid out among various locations around the city and doesn't feature greens and tees. Ingenious, really!