Tourist Information in Fribourg

Fribourg Tourisme

Mountains of information on Fribourg town and region, planted on the ground floor of Fribourg's most striking contemporary building (have no fear – it won't fall on your head). The tourist office also runs an inform…
Tourist Information in La Chaux-de-Fonds

Jura Tourisme

The La Chaux-de-Fonds branch of Jura Tourisme is a five-minute walk north of the train station along Ave Léopold Robert. It can assist with enquiries about La Chaux, the Jura and Drei-Seen-Land beyond.
Tourist Information in Gruyères

La Gruyère Tourisme

If there was a 'Bachelor of Fine Cheese' degree, the staff here would have earned it – they'll field any questions you have about the area and its eponymous world export.
Tourist Information in Val de Travers

Tourist Information Office

The tourist information office for the Val de Travers is located in the village of Noiraigue.
Tourist Information in Porrentruy

Jura Tourisme (St. Ursanne)

The tourist office has mountains of information on river kayaking, canoeing and walking.
Tourist Information in Charmey

Charmey Tourisme

A compact office beneath the Musée de Charmey.
Tourist Information in The Jura Mountains

Jura Tourisme (Saignelégier)

Covers the whole Jura and has ample info on farm accommodation.
Tourist Information in Yverdon-les-Bains

Tourist Information Office

Information on the town and surrounding area.
Tourist Information in Biel-Bienne

Tourismus Biel Seeland

Just outside the train station.
Post in Neuchâtel

Main Post Office