Engelberg attractions

Mountain in Engelberg

Mt Titlis

Central Switzerland's tallest mountain, Mt Titlis, is known for the world's first revolving cable car. This was completed in 1992 and is still one of the few on the planet. It's just the last leg of a breathtaking t…
Monastery in Engelberg

Engelberg Monastery

The Engelberg valley was once ecclesiastically governed and the Benedictine abbey was the seat of power. Now the resident monks teach instead of rule, but their 12th-century home has kept its grandeur. Rebuilt after…
Dairy in Engelberg

Show Cheese Dairy

Located on the grounds of Engelberg Monastery is a state-of-the-art cheesemaking operation, where you can watch the cheesemakers, savour dairy goodies in the bistro and buy creamy silo-free cheeses and other Swiss-t…