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National telecom provider Swisscom ( provides public phone booths that accept coins and major credit cards.

Mobile Phones

Most mobile phones brought from overseas will function in Switzerland; check with your provider about costs. Prepaid local SIM cards are widely available.

More Information

Prepaid local SIM cards are available from network operators Salt (, Sunrise ( and Swisscom Mobile ( for as little as Sfr10. You can also purchase (and recharge) SIM cards at newsagents throughout Switzerland. Prepaid cards must be officially registered, so bring your passport.

Phone Codes

  • The country code for Switzerland is 41. When calling Switzerland from abroad, drop the initial zero from the number; hence to call Bern, dial 41 31 (preceded by the international access code of the country you’re dialling from).
  • The international access code from Switzerland is 00.
  • Telephone numbers with the code 0800 are toll free; those with 0848 are charged at the local rate. Numbers beginning with 0900, 156 or 157 are premium rate.
  • Mobile-phone numbers start with the code 076, 078 or 079.

Warning: Dial All Numbers

Area codes do not exist in Switzerland. Although the numbers for a particular city or town share the same three-digit prefix (for example Bern 031, Geneva 022), numbers must always be dialled in full, even when calling from next door.