Top things to do in Brunnen

Top Choice European in Brunnen

Gasthaus Ochsen

Photos of celebrity Swiss patrons line the walls at Brunnen’s oldest haunt, which specialises in Poulet im Chörbli (chicken in a basket). There’s a great little apéro bar under the same ownership just across the way…
Museum in Brunnen

Swiss Knife Valley Museum

This teensy museum displays historical knives from prehistoric, Roman and medieval times, including folding precursors to the Victorinox classic. Touch-screen films in four languages chart the history of knives in g…
Swiss in Brunnen

Weisses Rössli

Friendly service, hearty Swiss staples accompanied by fresh vegetables, and a front terrace with nice views of Brunnen's main street backed by the lake make this an agreeable spot for lunch or dinner. Weisses Rössli…
Wine Bar in Brunnen

Elvira's Trübli

Affable owner Elvira stocks an impressive array of vintages at this popular wine bar, tucked down a side street just in from the waterfront.