Top things to do in Arosa

Top Choice Swiss in Arosa


This woodsy chalet on the forest edge affords magical above-the-treetop views. Come winter, it's beloved by ruddy-faced sledders who huddle around pots of gooey fondue, butter-soft steaks and mugs of glühwein before…
Race in Arosa

Arosa Classic Car

Vintage motors make a mad dash on the winding road from Langwies to Arosa.
Swiss in Arosa

Grischuna Arosa

The enormous cowbells hanging in the window of this low-beamed, antique-filled tavern grab your attention. It's a convivial spot for Graubünden specialities, such as homemade Capuns, cheese-topped rösti and fresh ga…
Mediterranean in Arosa


This top-of-the-mountain hut at 2511m at the peak of the Hörnli Express is a scenic spot for a bowl of goulash or macaroni. Somehow everything tastes better at altitude.
Comedy in Arosa

Arosa Comedy Festival

Attracting the big names of the Swiss–German comedy and cabaret scene, this 11-day festival infuses Arosa with pre-Christmas cheer.
Bar in Arosa

Los Arosa

Slope-side imbibing aside, this is where the party is in winter. Expect a laid-back crowd, DJs, foosball and shots aplenty.
Cheese in Arosa

Sennerei Maran

Fill your picnic basket with award-winning cheese from this dairy. Or refuel over a cheese platter or a slice of cheesecake in the cafe.