Racing Experience Test Drive Razor on Off Road Track

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Tour description

Test drive an off road Razor for 3 laps around an off road circuit near Milan with a driving instructor in the passenger seat. It's an experience you will never forget.

The circuit is located at the area of the Po River Valley, not far from Milan. It's a beautiful area for sightseeing with great places to eat and relax. The Po River is part of the Ticino River that starts at Switzerland. After your arrival at the track, you will be welcomed and you will meet the team, followed by a theoretical lesson on how to drive correctly. That means a full understanding of the correct racing line, braking points, clipping points, turning points, acceleration, and special notes needed for you to safely enjoy your driving experience.Next, you will get familiar with track regulations, including the colors and meanings of the flags, understanding the marshal’s signs, how to behave in the pit lane, and so on. Now you will get to know your machine – driving positions, braking pedals, and shifting methods. And then you are ready for the real thing!Start the engine and get on the track with an instructor next to you. He will guide you the whole way, implementing the things you have learned into a real racing action Drive your chosen car the number of laps indicated. This package includes 3 laps. Where applicable, it is possible to change types of cars according to the availability at that day. There is a GOPro onboard camera. Time on the track premises will be about 2-3 hours.

What's included

  • Test drive, 3 laps
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Use of helmet where necessary
  • On-board camera

What's not included

  • Authentic local lunch is offered -15€ at the racing track premises.