Half-timbered houses are scattered liberally round town, especially on Stora Östergatan. Most date from the latter half of the 18th century, although Pilgrändshuset on the corner of Pilgrand and Stora Östergatan is Scandinavia’s oldest half-timbered house and dates from 1480. Take a peek, too, at the facade of beautiful Änglahuset, on Stora Norregatan, which originates from around 1630.


Travellers with their own wheels can select from the B&B and cabin options along the scenic coastal roads on either side of town. In recent years Ystad has become a bit of a hot spot for destination weddings, honeymoons and general romance, so you'll find a selection of year-round luxe boutique properties here too.


With its growth as a popular spot for weddings and romantic getaways, Ystad is now something of a foodie hangout. There are some wonderful places to dine here. Most budget eating places are on Stora Östergatan, the main pedestrian street.

Drinking & Nightlife

There is a collection of pubs and bars, with sunny outdoor patios conducive to the imbibing of alcohol, dotted around the area between Stortorget and the bus station.