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Food in Visby

Bröderna Wikströms

A fabulous cheese shop with plenty of local Gotland varieties. Also sells gourmet goodies, like local preserves made from salmbärssylt (a wild berry indigenous to Gotland).
Drinks in Visby


Tea fiends should head here for local blends, which make for soothing, civilised souvenirs.
Arts & Crafts in Visby


Forty-three million years ago, Gotland was covered by tropical seas and coral reefs. The result, today, is that it is a paradise for fossil hunters. This small shop specialises in selling jewellery made from fossils…
Arts & Crafts in Visby

Gotländsk Konst & Form

Cool local art and handicrafts are the focus at this artisans’ cooperative, with stock ranging from textiles and threads to ceramics, pottery, jewellery, glassware and painting.