Gotland's picturesque, medieval capital, Visby, is a delight in every way. Even if you saw nothing else of the wealth of fascination the island has to offer, a stroll among Visby's tangle of cobbled lanes, lined with painted cottages sprouting colourful wildflowers from cracks in their pavement, will not be forgotten quickly.

You'll have your finger on the shutter at almost every turn, snapping scenes that could come straight from a storybook – hauntingly beautiful ruined Gothic churches, the astounding, mostly intact 12th-century ramparts surrounding the Old Town, and the truly magnificent Saint Maria Cathedral

Visby swarms with summer holidaymakers. For many, Medieval Week means the chance to don all manner of fancy garb and parade around as knights, queens, peasants and strumpets, dining, drinking and dancing against a Unesco World Heritage backdrop – surprisingly convincing and fun! Others will prefer to visit during quieter times to ponder Visby's charms, undistracted.