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Travel in time - to the 16th century!

Torpa stenhus is beautifully situated by the lake Åsunden in Västergötland. With unique architecture and lovely interior the medieval castle is one of Sweden's best preserved castles from the 16th century. Torpa Stenhus is privately owned and has been in the same family's posession since the end of the 15th century! This is where our famous King Vasa met his third and last wife! Of course we will attend a guided tour.During the 15th century The Hofsnäs Manor was built between the lakes Åsunden and Torpasjön. The earliest writings about it are dated 1488. In 1923 the manor was burnt to the ground, it was however rebuilt in 1924. On the estates you will also find the very charming "Lilla Saluhallen", which means the small market-place, in a former storage for grain.​
7 hours