Gardens in Uppsala

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens, below the castle hill, show off more than 10,000 species and are pleasant to wander through. Attractions include the 200-year-old Linnaeum Orangery and a tropical greenhouse.
Library in Uppsala

Carolina Rediviva

Rare-book and map fiends should go directly to Carolina Rediviva, the university library. In a small, dark gallery, glass cases hold precious maps and manuscripts, including illuminated Ethiopian texts and the first…
Historic Site in Uppsala


Follow signs from the grave mounds to Disagården, a 19th-century farming village turned open-air museum consisting of 26 timber buildings and a platform stage that serves as the focal point for Uppsala’s Midsummer c…
Museum in Uppsala


No matter how many times the brochures refer to the ‘sexual system’ of classification, the excitement to be had at Linnémuseet is primarily intellectual; still, botanists and vegetarians will enjoy a visit to the p…
Gardens in Uppsala


Adjoining Linnémuseet is Linnéträdgården, which is a reconstructed version of Sweden’s oldest botanical garden – Linné’s playground – with more than 1300 species ­arranged according to the system he invented.
Museum in Uppsala

Museum Gustavianum

A wondercabinet of wondercabinets, the Museum Gustavianum rewards appreciation of the weird and well organised. The shelves in the pleasantly musty building hold case after case of obsolete tools and preserved oddit…
Museum in Uppsala


Gustav’s funerary sword, silver crown and shiny golden buttons are kept in the treasury in Domkyrka’s north tower, along with a great display of medieval textiles. Particularly fine are the clothes worn by the three…
Museum in Uppsala


Upplandsmuseet, in an 18th-century watermill, houses county collections of folk art, music and the history of Uppsala from the Middle Ages onwards, as well as more modern displays. (Temporary installations have incl…
Museum in Uppsala

Uppsala Art Museum

Located at the Uppsala Slott entrance marked E, Uppsala Art Museum displays Swedish and international contemporary art and ceramics as well as the art-study collection of Uppsala University.
Castle in Uppsala

Uppsala Slott

Uppsala Slott was built by Gustav Vasa in the 1550s. It contains the state hall where kings were enthroned and Queen Kristina abdicated. It was also the scene of a brutal murder in 1567, when King Erik XIV and his g…