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Top Choice Museum in Umeå

Västerbottens Museum

The star of the Gammlia museum complex, the engrossing Västerbottens Museum traces the history of the province from prehistoric times to today. Exhibitions include an enormous ski-through-the ages collection starrin…
Top Choice Swedish in Umeå


Expect stunning culinary combinations at this sophisticated restaurant on the corner near the train station. Virtually everything is made here, including the ketchup and the 'smoked' mayonnaise. The speciality is dr…
Top Choice Seafood in Umeå

Två Fiskare

This place takes fish very seriously indeed. Not only does it sell it fresh, it also prepares a handful of exquisite seafood and fish dishes daily for those in the know. Crabcakes, fish soup, smoked salmon…the dishe…
Top Choice Museum in Umeå

Guitars – The Museum

If you're into the six-string, then this result of two brothers' lifelong hobby, a huge collection of vintage guitars, is for you. Want to see a 1959 Les Paul Standard, identical to the one on which Keith Richards p…
Top Choice Animal Sanctuary in Umeå

Älgens Hus

This moose park, 70km west of Umeå along Rte 92, near Bjurholm, is your chance to meet the (tame) King of the Forest face to face. In Swedish, these are elk, but English-speakers know these giants as moose. There's …
International in Umeå

Rex Bar och Grill

This popular upmarket bistro, bar and nightclub (at weekends) has northern Swedish cuisine meeting international brasserie in a convincing explosion of flavours. Choose the northern menu (bleak roe, smoked Arctic ch…
Music in Umeå

House of Metal

Annual metalfest with black-clad fans headbanging to the likes of Festering Remains, Immortal and Hellbound.
Sculpture in Umeå

Umedalens Skulpturpark

For more than two decades, eminent Swedish and international artists have exhibited their works in Umedalsparken, 5km west of the centre. Through those years, Balticgruppen, the owner of the compound, has purchased …
Museum in Umeå


Part of the Gammlia museum complex, this open-air historic village presents ye olde church, a smokehouse, a windmill, a 17th-century gatehouse and traditional Sami dwellings. Decked out in period costume, staff demo…
International in Umeå


Circus-style decor and Spanish tapas combined with the novel idea of placing orders via an inhouse app (easy to load and use) equals a fun and different experience. Pinchos also offers a chance to taste a relatively…