Swedish phone numbers have area codes followed by a varying number of digits. Look for business numbers in the Yellow Pages (www.gulasidorna.se).

Public telephones are increasingly rare, although you may find them at transport hubs, including train and bus stations. They accept phonecards or credit cards. Telia phonecards (telefonkort) cost 50kr and 120kr (for 50 and 120 units, respectively) and can be bought from Telia phone shops and newsagents.

Mobile Phones

In many cases you can buy a local SIM card to use in your own mobile phone (check with your provider). Barring that, it may be worthwhile buying a cheap mobile phone you can load with prepaid minutes.

Further Information

Local SIM cards are readily available (around 100kr) from providers such as Tre, Telia, Comviq and Telenor; you then load them with at least 110kr worth of credit. You can buy SIM cards from Pressbyrå locations, including at Arlanda Airport, and purchase top-ups at many stores, including petrol stations.

Phone Codes

For international calls dial 00, followed by the country code and then the local area code. Calls to Sweden from abroad require the country code (46) followed by the area code and telephone number (omitting the first zero in the area code).

Mobile-phone codes start with 010, 070, 076, 073 and 0730. Toll-free codes include 020 and 0200 (but toll-free numbers can’t be called from public telephones or abroad).

Directory assistance (118 119) International.

Directory assistance (118 118) Within Sweden.

Emergency services (112) Toll free.