The reason to venture off the beaten track to visit Tällberg is not because there's any one thing to see or do here, but because it's downright adorable.

The perfect place to enjoy classy Swedish country life, Tällberg is a sprawling village of precious gingerbread houses and luxury private cottages (mostly painted Falu Red) sprinkled over rolling hillsides which tumble gently downward to a warren of sleepy, hidden coves and forested nooks on the shores of sparkling Lake Siljan.

Sound romantic? It is…and that's the other reason plenty of folks come here: for a weekend away with someone special, or to tie the knot. If you decide to make the trip, you're well advised to treat yourself to a night of blissfully quiet indulgence in one of the village's impressive lodgings, be it flying solo with the company of a good book, or on the arm of someone lovely.