Island in Strömstad

Koster Islands

Boat trips run from Strömstad’s north harbour to the beautiful cluster of forested Koster Islands every 30 minutes from July to mid-August, less frequently at other times. Tiny North Koster is hilly and has good...

Archaeological Site in Strömstad

Stone-Ship Settings

One of Sweden’s largest, most magnificent stone-ship settings (an oval of stones, shaped like a boat) lies 6km northeast of Strömstad. There are 49 stones in total, with the stem and stern stones reaching over 3m...

Church in Strömstad

Skee Kyrka

Open by appointment only (contact the tourist office), the Romanesque stone Skee Kyrka is about 6km east of Strömstad and has a 10th-century nave. There’s also a painted wooden ceiling and an unusual 17th-century...

Seafood in Strömstad

Rökeri i Strömstad

This family-run dockside restaurant dishes out deep bowls of fish soup, catch of the day and seafood-filled baguettes at lunch. Dinner is more refined; the smokehouse platter is a real treat. However, continents...

Swedish in Strömstad

Lexö på Resö

Ever wished you could get still-in-the-shell mussels on your pizza? Here you can – along with more ordinary varieties. There's also fish stew, baked tuna, a salmon burger, and on the weekends a herring buffet...

Thai in Strömstad


Dockside Heat packs some authentic, erm, heat with its Thai curries. Though we're normally wary of places that claim to offer two separate cuisines, the sushi here is as good as the dishes from Siam: the samurai...

Museum in Strömstad

Strömstads Museum

Housed in an old power station, this museum displays local photography and objects from nautical history.