Must-see attractions in Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

  • Traditional house in Skansen open-air museum.


    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    Often called 'Sweden in miniature', Skansen is an unmissable Stockholm highlight. Expect to spend a full day wandering this hilltop open-air museum, with…

  • Exterior detail of Vasamuseet.


    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    A good-humoured glorification of some dodgy calculations, Vasamuseet is the custom-built home of the massive warship Vasa; 69m long and 48.8m tall, it was…

  • Part of "Four Elements" sculpture, Moderne Museet.

    Moderna Museet

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    Moderna Museet is Stockholm’s modern-art maverick, its permanent collection ranging from paintings and sculptures to photography, video art and…

  • Antique spirit bottles at Spritmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden.


    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    The surprisingly entertaining Museum of Spirits is dedicated to Sweden's complicated relationship with alcohol, as mediated over the years by the state…

  • The Nordic Museum (Nordiska Museet) building at Djurgarden Island.

    Nordiska Museet

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    The epic Nordiska Museet is Sweden’s largest cultural-history museum and one of its largest indoor spaces. The building itself (from 1907) is an eclectic,…

  • Waldemarsudde museum, scenic former residence of Prince Eugen, on Jurgarden island.

    Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde, at the southern tip of Djurgården, is a soul-perking combo of water views and art. The palace once belonged to the painter…

  • Entrance to Junibacken in Stockholm.


    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    Junibacken whimsically recreates the fantasy scenes of Astrid Lindgren’s books for children. Catch the flying Story Train over Stockholm, shrink to the…

  • Thielska Galleriet

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    Thielska Galleriet, at the far eastern end of Djurgården, is a must for Nordic art fans, with a savvy collection of late-19th- and early-20th-century…

  • Glassblowers' Workshop

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    The Glassblowers' hut, built in 1936, is one of the top attractions within Skansen. It's also possible to book your own glassblowing session – reserve…

  • Skansen Zoo

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    Inside Skansen is this excellent zoo, with native Nordic animals, farm animals and a kid-friendly petting zoo.

  • A boat pulls up at the entrance to the Grona Lund Tivoli fun park in Stockholm.

    Gröna Lund Tivoli

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    Crowded Gröna Lund Tivoli has some 30 rides, ranging from the tame (a German circus carousel) to the terrifying (the Free Fall, where you drop from a…

  • ABBA: The Museum

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    A sensory-overload experience that might appeal only to devoted ABBA fans, this long-awaited and wildly hyped cathedral to the demigods of Swedish pop is…

  • ArkDes

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    Adjoining Moderna Museet and housed in a converted navy drill hall, this architecture and design centre has a permanent exhibition spanning 1000 years of…

  • Östasiatiska Museet

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    This long, narrow building displays Asian decorative arts, including one of the world’s finest collections of Chinese stoneware and porcelain from the…

  • Rosendals Slott

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    On the northern side of Djurgården, Rosendals Slott was built as a palace for Karl XIV Johan in the 1820s. One of Sweden’s finest examples of the Empire…

  • Liljevalchs Konsthall

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    Opened in 1916, Liljevalchs is an all-purpose gallery space that puts on at least four major exhibitions a year of contemporary Swedish and international…

  • Biologiska Museet

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    As notable for its creaky wooden building as for its collection of critters, the 1893 Biologiska Museet charms visitors with two circular floors of…

  • Tobaks & Tändsticksmuseum

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    Inside the vast open-air park of Skansen, the Tobaks & Tändsticksmuseum traces the history and culture of smoking and the manufacture of those iconic…

  • Skansen Akvariet

    Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    The Skansen Aquarium is worth a wander, its residents including piranhas, lemurs and pygmy marmosets (the smallest monkeys in the world). Intrepid…

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