Top Choice Music in Malmö

Malmö Festival

Malmö’s premier annual event – with an average of some 1.5 million visitors – is the weeklong Malmö Festival. The mostly free events include theatre, dance, live music, fireworks and sizzling food stalls.
Top Choice Music in Karlshamn

Baltic Festival

Karlshamn's Baltic Festival is one of Sweden's largest free festivals, pulling crowds of up to a quarter of a million people for live bands, events, including the über popular Baltic Song Contest (a feeder event to …
Theater in Helsingborg


The International Street Theatre Festival began in 2015, bringing free performances to the streets of Helsingborg and its sister across the straits, Helsingør. Many performances have relevant sociopolitical themes.
Cultural in Kristianstad


Held annually in July, Kristianstadsdagarna is a week-long festival with music, dance, exhibitions and foodie events, mostly held in Tivoliparken.
LGBT in Malmö

Malmo Pride

Called the Regnbågsfestivalen (Rainbow Festival) until 2016, Malmö Pride celebrates LGBT diversity with exhibitions, films, workshops and parties, culminating in a pride parade.
Music in Helsingborg

Helsingborg Piano Festival

Held in a variety of locations around Helsingborg, world-class pianists strut their stuff in this three-day festival celebrating the piano.
Parade in Ystad

Military Tattoo

Ystad's spectacular three-day event draws huge crowds.
Music in Mölle

Musik i Kullabygden

A week-long music festival, spanning folk, jazz, classical and opera, held at Krapperups Slott, on the outskirts of Mölle.
Fair in Helsingborg

Helsingborg Arts & Antiques Fair

Held at Arena Helsingborg, the biggest arts and antiques exhibition in southern Scandinavia draws crowds of up to 10,000.
Music in Helsingborg


This cross-genre music festival has something for everyone. It's held over numerous stages dotted around town.