Southeastern Sweden activities, tickets and more

Outdoor Activities

Two hour horseride in the Magical Forest of Tiveden Nationalpark

Enjoy the wild magical forests of Tiveden Nationalpark together with us and our fantastic horses. Swedish "fika" is included in this two hour ride, as well as helmet and guide.
2 hours
Tours & Sightseeing

Kiruna - Northern Lights BBQ and photo evening at Máttaráhkká Lodge

The Lodge is located just outside Kiruna, but is situated away from the light pollution from the Town which makes it the perfect place for seeing and capturing this magical light. Any aurora acitivity will definitely be seen from here.
3.5 hours
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Dinner at Máttaráhkká Northern Lights Lodge

Dinner at Máttaráhkká Northern Lights Lodge
1 hour
Outdoor Activities

Green Zipline

Are you interested in a Zipline adventure but not necessary chasing the highest altitudes or fastest speeds? This two-hour long adventure offers a lovely adventure in the nature and a great course with lots of variation. It is a very suitable option if you are not certain on how much adrenaline you can handle. In the price includes lunch in the restaurant and swimming in the mountain pool. 
2 hours
Outdoor Activities

Ice fishing

Have you been dreaming about sitting on the sea in peacefulness, breathing fresh air and admiring beautiful views while trying to catch a fish - during winter conditions? Then you should come ice fishing with us!We will transport you from Malören with a snowmobile and sled to a place we´ve chosen for the day. We will provide you with all the equipment needed, hot drink, the best tips, interesting information about the area and hopefully we’ll catch a fish. This activity suits the entire family and does not require any physical skills.
3 hours
Outdoor Activities

Dogsled tour

This is our classic dogsled tour. You will be pulled by strong dogs and sit comfortably in a sled out in the untouched nature. The tour instantly takes you out in the wilderness where we cruise through magnificent forest and miles wide views. The dogsled tour takes place either in the surroundings of Nordic Lapland Resort or places around it. You won`t come any closer to nature than this. This activity suit all ages and no physical fitness is needed.If you haven`t tried dogsledding before this is your chance!
1 hour
Outdoor Activities

Northern light tour

Malören is a nature reserve located furthest out of the archipelago in the Bothnian Bay. A distinctive island that few have had the ability to visit and stay at. We now make this unique place available for our guests. A unique and exclusive holiday destination for those who want to feel the calmness and silence of the sea, yet have the opportunity for experiences.We offer this activity on an island, 19 miles out at sea. On Malören you experience calmness and tranquility with the horizon as a view.From Malören we ride out into the polar night to get a glimpse of the light phenomena steeped in legend: the Northern Lights. During our tour, we will take a break and enjoy hot drinks.
2 hours
Water Sports

Oxelösund Archipelago Guided Kayak Tour

Join this marvelous daytour in the swedish archipelago. It's a fantastic experience to slide right above the the water where you can se the reflection of the sky. As we move forward almost without a sound we become one with the surrounding nature. We will see a lot of different seabirds and maybe some other animals. Our guides will take you to our favorite spots where we serve you a tasty lunch during the first break and some coffee/te, fruit and snacks at the second break. This is how it works: after a short safety brief we help you into the water.We kayak in a pace that suits everyone to some nice Islands,where you can relax explore the Island or maybe take a swim.This is included:Our guides will give you some basic kayak technique instructions and a short safety brief.Experienced guides, kayaks and all needed kayakgear.Lunch and snacks, coffee or tea, fruit and something sweet.
6 hours