Top things to do in Smygehuk

Lighthouse in Smygehuk

Smygehuk Fyr

West of the harbour, scramble to the top of the now-defunct 19th-century lighthouse (17m), and visit the tiny maritime museum inside Captain Brinck’s Cabin. (Note that the lighthouse is managed by the hostel warden,…
Gallery in Smygehuk


A renovated 19th-century warehouse east of the harbour, with local exhibitions of handicrafts and art (for sale). There's a small café inside.
Seafood in Smygehuk

Smyge Fiskrökeri

Packs people like sardines into its tiny shop. The smokehouse’s salmon baguettes and crayfish cakes on brown bread are worth the crush.
Historic Site in Smygehuk

Kalkugnarna i Smygehamn

This huge 19th-century kiln near ​Köpmansmagasinet gallery recalls the bygone lime industry; it smoked its last in 1954.
Landmark in Smygehuk

Coign of Vantage

This signpost marks Swedens southernmost point: latitude 55° 20’ 3”.
Museum in Smygehuk

Captain Brinck’s Cabin

Houses a tiny maritime museum.