Smygehuk attractions

Lighthouse in Smygehuk

Smygehuk Fyr

West of the harbour, scramble to the top of the now-defunct 19th-century lighthouse (17m), and visit the tiny maritime museum inside Captain Brinck’s Cabin. (Note that the lighthouse is managed by the hostel warden,…
Gallery in Smygehuk


A renovated 19th-century warehouse east of the harbour, with local exhibitions of handicrafts and art (for sale). There's a small café inside.
Historic Site in Smygehuk

Kalkugnarna i Smygehamn

This huge 19th-century kiln near ​Köpmansmagasinet gallery recalls the bygone lime industry; it smoked its last in 1954.
Landmark in Smygehuk

Coign of Vantage

This signpost marks Swedens southernmost point: latitude 55° 20’ 3”.
Museum in Smygehuk

Captain Brinck’s Cabin

Houses a tiny maritime museum.