Top things to do

Zoo in Smögen

Nordens Ark

Snow leopards, wolves and lynxes prowl Nordens Ark, a well-conceived safari park 12km northeast of Smögen. It shows off animals and plants from countries with a similar climate to Sweden’s and has breeding...

Island in Smögen


This small, rocky, windswept island is home to a historic lighthouse and a number of bird species. Its otherworldly landscape is great for photographers, as is the view coming to and from Smögen harbour on the...

Seafood in Smögen

Hamnen 4

As you walk along the boardwalk, you're likely to be lured into this waterside spot by the bewitching smells emanating from the grill. Hamnen 4 woos fish-lovers with its coley with blue mussels and brown-butter...

Market in Smögen

Smögen Fish Auction

Fishing boats unload their catches of prawns, lobsters and fish at the Smögen harbour. You can score some über-fresh shellfish if you get to the small fish auction early enough; the big one happens online these...

Seafood in Smögen

Hallo Bar

Right above the water, this friendly restobar serves small plates of seafood dishes (so you can really go to town here!), as well as beautifully battered fish and chips and overflowing prawn sandwiches.

Cafe in Smögen


Arguably the nicest cafe for miles around, the Barn (formerly Coffee Room) serves burgers and fries, salads and sweets in a cozy candlelit room or outside on its pretty covered terrace.