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Top Choice Historic Site in Skellefteå


During the Protestant reformation in Sweden in the 16th century, church attendance was demanded of all parishioners, and later in 1861, a regulation ordering it was introduced. Church towns built up to house those w…
Swedish in Skellefteå

Nygatan 57

You know a place is trendy when it's known solely by its street address, and this indoor-outdoor bistro's popularity is down to the quality of its dishes using local produce. This is a Swedish Lapland menu with dish…
Bridge in Skellefteå


This is the oldest wooden bridge in Sweden, completed in 1837, and until 2006, at 207m in length, it was also the longest. It was a toll bridge at first, and in 1868, an interesting law was introduced creating a spe…
Gallery in Skellefteå

Museum Anna Nordlander (MAN)

This municipal contemporary art museum is dedicated to the life and work of Anna Norlander (1843–1879), a well-known painter born in Skellefteå. She was one of the first women to study at the Royal Academy of Arts i…
Church in Skellefteå


This 55m-tall neoclassical church in its current incarnation dates from 1796, but its sacristy is from 1507 and inside is a 13th-century wooden Virgin of Skellefteå (on the right, behind the altar) made of walnut wo…
Music in Skellefteå


Skellefteå's popular City Festival attracts upwards of 90,000 over four days in late June or early July with music, markets and an amusement park.