Must-see attractions in Skåne

  • Lunds domkyrka


    Lund’s twin-towered Romanesque cathedral is magnificent. Try to pop in at noon or 3pm (1pm and 3pm on Sunday) when the marvellous astronomical clock…

  • Recreated Viking Age settlement at Foteviken Museum.

    Fotevikens Museum


    If you mourn the passing of big hairy men in longboats, find solace at the fascinating Foteviken Viking Reserve, an evocative ‘living’ reconstruction…

  • Ales Stenar, southern Sweden.

    Ales Stenar


    One of Skåne's most intriguing and remote attractions, this place has all the mystery of England's Stonehenge without the commercialism. It's Sweden's…

  • Marina at Västra Hamnen with Turning Torso in the background.

    Västra Hamnen


    Located about 2.5km northwest of the Old Town, buzzing, bayside Västra Hamnen represents the modern face of Malmö. It's a popular spot to stroll, sip…

  • Krapperup Castle and public garden.

    Krapperups Slott


    While you'd never guess from its name, Krapperups Slott is one of Sweden’s oldest and loveliest estates located 5km south of Mölle. The manor has an…

  • Viking fortress Trelleborgen.



    Trelleborgen is a 9th-century Viking ring fortress, discovered in 1988 off Bryggaregatan (just west of the town centre). A quarter of the palisaded fort…

  • Welcome sign at Kiviks Musteri in Sweden.

    Kiviks Musteri


    This is a large-scale commercial operation encompassing a small museum, a vast shop selling everything from apple mustard to apple cake, an apple orchard…

  • The Kullen Lighthouse on a summer day with clear blue sky at Kullaberg Nature Reserve in South Sweden.

    Kullens Fyr


    It's worth a visit to what's arguably Scandinavia’s oldest lighthouse (there's been a light of some kind here for more than 1000 years) on the Kullaberg…

  • Malmö old town.

    Gamla Staden


    Focusing on the area around Stortorget (the town square) and lively Lilla Torget (the little square) Malmö's Old Town is a gorgeous warren of cobblestone…

  • Interior of the Church of Holy Trinity. The church was built in 1617-1628 by design of the Flemish-Danish architect Lorenz van Steenwinckel.



    One of the finest Renaissance churches in Scandinavia, Trefaldighetskyrkan was completed in 1628 when Skåne was still under Danish control. The light…

  • Malmö Museer


    Located within the rambling Malmöhus Slott, operating under the broad banner (and one low admission fee) of the Malmö Museer, are three main museums…

  • Moderna Museet Malmö


    Architects Tham & Videgård chose to make the most of the distinct 1901 Rooseum, once a power-generating turbine hall, by adding a contemporary annexe,…

  • Kulturen


    Dating from 1892, this huge open-air museum spans two whole blocks. Its 30-odd buildings include everything from the meanest birch-bark hovel to grand…

  • Royal Republic of Ladonia


    In 1996 Swedish artist Lars Vilks built two sculptures, the driftwood Nimis and its younger concrete sibling Arx, on a beach in the Kullaberg National…

  • Teknikens och sjöfartens hus


    A short distance to the west of Malmöhus Slott, the Technology and Maritime museum is home to aircraft, vehicles, a horse-drawn tram, steam engines, and…

  • Cineteket


    Fans of crime thrillers most likely know the name Henning Mankell (1948-2015), author of the best-selling Inspector Wallander series. The books are set in…

  • Kungsparken


    Since 1872, the 34,000-sq-metre King's Park in the shadow of Malmöhus Slott has been delighting Malmö's residents and visitors with its magnificent…

  • Skissernas Museum


    The exhibition rooms here, with their visual feast of paintings and sculpture, are designed for maximum impact and art immersion. Several sculptures and…

  • Absolut Experience Center


    Åhus is home to the Absolut Vodka distillery, where half a million bottles are produced daily. Free tours run six times daily on weekdays from late June…

  • Klostret i Ystad


    Klostret i Ystad, in the Middle Ages Franciscan monastery of Gråbrödraklostret, features local textiles and silverware. The monastery includes the 13th…

  • Sankta Maria Kyrka


    Among the church's highlights are a fabulously ornate 17th-century baroque pulpit, an elaborate pipe organ, chandeliers and excellent acoustics. It's from…

  • Lush forests in Stenshuvud National Park.

    Stenshuvud National Park


    Just south of Kivik, this enchanting national park features lush woodland, marshes, sandy beaches and a high headland. Among its more unusual residents…

  • Summer sunset at Kullaberg nature reserve in southern Sweden.

    Kullaberg Nature Reserve


    This magnificent nature reserve occupies the tip of the Kulla Peninsula and houses Scandinavia’s brightest lighthouse, Kullens fyr, the light of which can…

  • 16th century Malmöhus (Castle) now housing Malmö Museer museum.

    Malmö Konstmuseum


    Within the walls of Malmöhus Slott, under the banner of Malmö Museer, you'll find this superb collection of Swedish furniture and handicrafts, plus a vast…

  • Öresund Bridge


    This bridge is the longest cable-tied road and rail bridge in Europe, measuring 7.8km from Lernacken (on the Swedish side, near Malmö) to the artificial…

  • Malmöhus Slott


    Erik of Pomerania built the first fortress here in 1436 but it was destroyed between 1534 and 1536 during a popular uprising in Skåne. After this…

  • Glimmingehus


    Located 12km southwest of Simrishamn, the striking, five-storey Glimmingehus dates from the early 1500s and is one of the best-preserved medieval castles…

  • Form/Design Center


    Ingeniously more of a shopping arcade disguised as a museum, the Form/Design Center is still an impressive showcase of design, architecture and art,…

  • Turning Torso


    In the lovely Västra Hamnen area, you can't miss the eye-boggling Turning Torso, a futuristic skyscraper that twists through 90 degrees from bottom to top…

  • Kungagraven


    Believed to be a site of ancient human sacrifice, this is Sweden’s largest Bronze Age grave, dating from around 1000 BC. It’s an extraordinary shield-like…

  • Sankt Petri Kyrka


    This red-brick Gothic beast is Malmö’s oldest church, built in the early 14th century. Protestant zealots whitewashed the medieval frescoes in 1555, but…

  • Malmö Chokladfabrik


    Watch heavenly cocoa concoctions being made, wander through the mini museum and devour the finished product at the chocolate-scented cafe. Dating from…

  • Smygehuk Fyr


    West of the harbour, scramble to the top of the now-defunct 19th-century lighthouse (17m), and visit the tiny maritime museum inside Captain Brinck’s…

  • Historiska Museet


    Behind the cathedral, the Historiska Museet has a large collection of pre–Viking Age finds, including a 7000-year-old skeleton. It’s joined with…

  • Regionmuseet Kristianstad


    Originally intended as a palace, the building ended up being used as an arsenal. It now houses local-history exhibits and art, handicrafts and silverware…

  • Lund University


    Lund University is ranked as one of the world's top 100 universities and is one of Europe's oldest institutions for education. It's buildings are…

  • Malmö Konsthall


    Malmö Konsthall, south of central Malmö, is one of Europe’s largest contemporary-art spaces, with exhibitions spanning both Swedish and foreign talent…

  • Ystads Konstmuseum


    Included in the same ticket as Klostret i Ystad is the Ystads Konstmuseum with its savvy collection of southern Swedish and Danish art, including works by…

  • Per Helsas Gård


    Housed in one of Ystad’s most iconic (and magnificent) half-timbered buildings, dating from the 1500s and set around a courtyard. The central cobbles here…

  • Bastionen Konungen


    One of Kristianstad's 10 original bastions (fortifications) dating from the late 1700s is now an outdoor information point and museum of sorts, with…

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