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South east Skåne Rock art in minivan

In south east Skåne you find the most interesting rock art sites. This minivan tour takes you to four of those. Your guide and driver is Ann-Louise S Ferngård, an archaeologist and entrepreneur who has been working with rock carvings in the area for more than 15 years. During the 4,5 hours long tour you will get to know the prehistory of Skåne.
4 hours
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Ales Stenar, the Rock art site in Järrestad and Kiviksgraven

This is a unique tour including the three most important prehistoric sites. These sites are an absolute must-see location. With archaeologist Ann-Louise S Ferngård as driver and guide you will get so much more. Along the ride we talk about a lot more than just these three locations. Ales stenar is the largest standing stone ship. Järrestad rock art site has 1300 petroglyphs located in a fantastic landscape scenery. Kiviksgraven is a Bronze age cairn with petroglyphs inside the center stone cist.
6 hours
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Food and nature hike with an archaeological twist

The dream for nature lovers, history geeks and foodies! This unique all-day hike offers countless experience of history, nature and food with a touch of ancient times. Together with a professional archaeologist, we explore everything with archaeological eyes in a very special area in southern Sweden; Osterlen.The stunning landscape along Skånes south east coastline offers a staggering experience. In the varying nature there are glimpses of different historical events where people's destinies and desires form the surroundings. Like in ancient times, the lunch is carried by each one while the dinner is produced and enjoyed in front of the fire at the mighty Bronze Age Cairn Kiviksgraven, “the Kings grave”. All the food is inspired by archaeological finds from ancient times and recipies made by Isabel Brummer from Taste Celebration.
6 hours
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Österlen Rock art in dusk. A walk in Horsahallens Rock art area

A rock art walk in the dusk. Equipped with flashlights, and guided by archaeologist Ann-Louise S Ferngård, you discover the magical petroglyphs which comes to life. Learn about the mythology, life and death, and the ordinary day of the Bronze age people. After this you will never see upon the prehistory with the same eyes!
2 hours