Sweden is an awesome place to hike, with its springy, well-kept trails and excellent network of huts and campgrounds.

Kungsleden The King's Trail, a popular, accessible northern route.

Höga Kusten Leden Awesome views from high coastal cliffs.

Sarek National Park Challenging terrain for expert hikers.

Skåneleden Lush path along Sweden’s southern coast.

Arctic Trail An 800km joint development of Sweden, Norway and Finland, entirely above the Arctic Circle.

Kebnekaise Sweden’s tallest peak is a highlight of hiking in Norrland.

European long-distance paths E1 and E6 run from Varberg to Grövelsjön (1200km) and from Malmö to Norrtälje (1400km).

Finnskogleden A 240km-long route along the border between Norway and the Värmland region in Sweden.

Alpine Adventures

Norrland in winter is home to all manner of exciting cold-weather activities.

Åre A fabulous ski resort in a chic little town.

Riksgränsen Primarily for expert skiers, this resort nestles right up against the Norwegian border.

Tärnaby A fun town at the edge of a gorgeous lake, with a growing ski resort that’s more laid-back than its neighbour at Hemavan.

Båtsuoj Sami Camp If you’ve never had a chance to meet a reindeer before…

Jokkmokk Winter Market Apart from great shopping and street theatre, this huge market also features reindeer races.

Abisko At this well-equipped national park you can go hiking, snowmobiling, dogsledding, or just kick back and gaze at the northern lights.

Small Villages

The country is dotted with tiny masterpieces: red cottages, cobblestone town squares or windswept fishing huts clinging to the coastline.

Eksjö One of Sweden’s best-preserved wooden towns.

Vadstena A rewarding end for pilgrims visiting St Birgitta.

Skanör An idyllic summer beach town.

Höga Kusten The tiny fishing villages here are to die for.

Tällberg A lovely collection of red-painted wooden buildings set along a twisty scenic road.

Nora Not only gorgeous but also a premier source of ice cream.

Sigtuna Within easy reach of Stockholm and Uppsala, this adorable village boasts numerous church ruins.

Vaxholm A photogenic harbour and a famous fortress entice flocks of visitors to this archipelago town.


Most towns have a place where visitors can rent or borrow a bicycle to ride around. Plus, not only is cycling a greener mode of transport, it forces you to slow the pace and really take in your surroundings.

Gotland Wide bike paths and sea views make for lovely island cycling.

Öland Cycle between farmers markets and nature reserves on this peaceful island.

Göta Canal Cycle alongside the locks en route to Vättern.

Örebro Everyone in this college town rides a bicycle.

Stockholm Car traffic can be hectic, but the shared-bike program and bike paths make it cycle-friendly.

Åre The mountain-bike park here delivers an amped-up cycling experience.

Boat Trips

Don’t forget, this is the land of 100,000 lakes (maybe even a few more). Go ahead and get your feet wet.

Stockholm Archipelago Sailing around the archipelago is what Stockholmers wish they had time to do on holiday.

Göta Canal Float between locks and lakes on a tour of this peaceful canal.

Bohuslän ferries Hop from ferry to ferry in the Bohuslän archipelago.

Luleå Archipelago The northern archipelago is well worth exploration.

Tiveden National Park Hire a canoe and explore the wilderness.

Under the Bridges of Stockholm Strömma Kanalbolaget offers a number of good tours of Stockholm’s waterways, including this two-hour canal tour.

Fine Dining

Given the number of superstar chefs in the media, the focus on organic, sustainable ingredients and a devotion to great atmosphere, it’s no surprise Sweden has some fantastic places to fill up.

Matbaren Celebrated chef Mathias Dahlgren's double-Michelin-starred restaurant fits right in at the über-classy Grand Hôtel.

Finnhamns Café & Krog Improbably good restaurant on a remote, pastoral archipelago island.

Sånninggården A foodie beacon serving game in classic Lappland style.

Länsmansgården A historic building and a picturesque place for a fine, traditionally Swedish lunch.

Swedish Design

Gorge yourself on the sleek and spartan, the rounded corner, the clever tool, the vividly printed fabric and the inventive glasswork that define Swedish design – from established artists now part of the canon to new talents making a name for themselves.

Nordiska Museet Huge building filled with objects illustrating the evolution of Swedish design, arranged by theme for various changing exhibitions.

Svenskt Tenn Home of Josef Frank’s signature fabrics and other iconic pieces.

DesignTorget Great selection of clever gadgets and decor from up-and-coming designers.

Velour Chic jeans, knits and jumpsuits from a savvy Gothenburg designer.

Kosta outlets Stock up on gorgeous glass in the heart of the Glasriket (Crystal Kingdom).


Shopping in Sweden is easy to do – almost too easy. Look for glass and crystal, authentic handicrafts marked with the slöjd (handicraft) sticker, fine linens, chic designer clothing and funky gadgets Ikea doesn’t have yet.

Stockholm’s shopping streets The pedestrian thoroughfares of Biblioteksgatan, Drottninggatan and Västerlånggatan are retail heaven.

Gotländsk Konst & Form Cool local artwork and handicrafts, from textiles to glassware.

Formargruppen Cooperative designer shop and gallery in Malmö.

Sami Duodji Gallery and shop with authentic Sami handicrafts.

Sami Culture

The Sami, Sweden’s indigenous population, have a rich, often embattled culture that fascinates visitors and locals alike. There are many opportunities to learn more, be it a visit to an absorbing museum or an overnight (or longer) stay in a traditional Sami reindeer camp.

Ájtte Museum A stellar museum presenting the history and current status of the Sami people in Sweden.

Båtsuoj Sami Camp Stay overnight with traditional reindeer herders at this forest camp.

Arjeplog Silvermuseet This museum in a former nomad school has a stunning collection of Sami silver objects.

Nutti Sámi Siida Take a reindeer-sled excursion with this ecotourism expert.