Stockholm & Around




World-Class Cuisine

Stockholm is a world-class foodie destination, with multiple Michelin stars to its name and a number of celebrity chefs known for transcending expectations with their bold takes on locally sourced, traditionally rooted dishes. You can eat as well here as in most any European capital.

Multimedia Museums

There’s no chance you’ll be bored in a Stockholm museum – this city does them right. Stockholm’s museums present the best of the country’s art and historical treasures in an inviting atmosphere. Exhibition rooms are as well planned and well lit as the rest of the city’s stylish spaces.

Ready, Set, Shop

From tucked-away thrift stores to big-name retail boutiques, fine linens and handicrafts to cleverly designed kitchen gadgets, nearly every type of shopper will find plenty to pick through here.

Uppsala & Central Sweden




Historical Relics

Uppsala is a treat for history buffs: from pre-Viking grave mounds to a hillside castle whose pink walls concealed decades of royal intrigue, plus the odd rune stone or ship setting, and a stash of museum treasures from art and artefacts to ancient manuscripts.

Industrial Artefacts

Central Sweden is the country’s industrial workhorse, plying the rich landscape for iron, copper and silver. Many of these places have been transformed into quaint and atmospheric historical sites well worth a visit.

Regional Museums

Great museums are spread throughout the region, from Örebro’s regional art museum to the ambitious Värmland Museum in Karlstad to the homes of beloved Swedish artists Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn and author Selma Lagerlöf.

Gothenburg & the Southwest




Southwest Shore

From kitesurfing in Halland to island-hopping in Bohuslän, there are unlimited options for ocean-lovers in the southwest. Spend the night on one of the coast’s remote skerries or join the crowds to watch summertime round-island regattas.

Fresh Seafood

Local chefs boast that seafood arrives first in Gothenburg and second in Stockholm, so if you want to experience truly fresh prawns, oysters, lobster or cod, look no further. Select your own dockside, or indulge in top-tier restaurants.

Urban Edge

Gothenburg’s industrial roots make its artists practical – less talk, more action – and there's a gritty refinement to design, music and art across the region. Distinctive venues abound: repurposed power stations, basement boutiques and castle lawns.

Malmö & the South




A Bit of Everything

A thorough experience of southern Sweden may include sailing on a restored Viking ship, taking in avant garde architecture, climbing fortress steps and finishing up with a 5am falafel after a night out in Malmö. The best option is to try it all.

Outdoor Activities

Whether it’s with apple picking, gorgeous beaches or some especially nice coastal hikes, southern Sweden is perfect for taking advantage of the great outdoors. More off-beat options include seal safaris, scuba diving and pony trekking.

Secrets of the South

Ancient and present-day mysteries thrive in southern Sweden. Come face to face with (hopefully fictional) crime scenes in Kurt Wallander’s Ystad or puzzle over Bronze Age relics at Kivik and Ales Stenar.

The Southeast & Gotland

Outdoor Activities

World Heritage


Ports, Roads & Trails

The southeast is paradise for the outdoorsy person, with grand ports for sailors, rocky beaches for sun-worshippers, quiet lakeside roads for cyclists and miles of glorious woodland trails.

National Treasures

A wander through Visby’s cobblestone streets, past fairy-tale cottages and haunting church ruins, and the gasp-inducing view of sky, sea and rock at Öland’s southernmost point will make it clear why both have earned Unesco distinction.

Canals, Castles & Churches

Steeped in tales of industry and migration, boasting the engineering triumph of the Göta Canal and with some seriously impressive castles, the southeast has plenty of history to share. Not to mention Gotland’s stunning churches and the pilgrim’s route to St Birgitta’s abbey.

Östersund & the Bothnian Coast




Mammals & Monsters

Quite apart from the musk oxen, elk and reindeer that you may meet in the wild (or pet at Järvzoo), the waters of Lake Storsjön hide the most elusive creature of all – Östersund’s answer to the Loch Ness Monster.

Year-Round Adventure

Åre is adventure central, where you can try your hand at hillcarting, heli-skiing, zorbing and mountain biking. The mountains west of Östersund and the Bothnian Coast offer varied terrain for some superb hiking in summer and skiing in winter.

Jagged Coast

The waters of the Gulf of Bothnia are dotted with myriad forested islands. While some allow you to play out your Robinson Crusoe fantasies, others introduce you to traditional fishing culture and that devil of a delicacy, surströmming (fermented herring).

Lappland & the Far North



Sami Culture

Elusive Creatures

There are few places in the world where it’s easier to see reindeer, elk and foxes. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a brown bear, lynx or wolverine, though they are nocturnal and shy.

Top Trails

The Kungsleden is the most celebrated hiking trail, although Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfjallet offer trails that are no less picturesque. The ascent of Kebnekaise provides exceptional views, while Sarek National Park will challenge even the most experienced of hikers.

Sami Way of Life

Explore the past and present of the indigenous people of Scandinavian Europe: admire Sami silver jewellery through the ages at Áttje Museum, stay with Sami reindeer herders at Båtsuoj Sami Camp and visit the Jokkmokk Winter Market.