Orsa Rovdjurspark

Top choice in Dalarna

Fat-bottomed roly-poly bear cubs are the star attraction at the largest predator park in Europe, some 16km north of Orsa. Even if there are no cubs around during your visit, there’s plenty to see: polar bears, Kodiak bears, leopards, Amur tigers, lynx, wolves, red foxes and wolverines. The park and the various possible activities here continue to expand, and now include cycling tours, themed hikes and more.

The animals have a lot of space, woodland and water, which is ideal for them, but means there’s plenty of room to hide, so you may not see the more skittish creatures. For the closest views, follow the posted feeding schedule.

It's way easier to get here by car, but if that's not an option for you, you'll need to book a spot on bus 342 towards Grönklitt (40kr, 20 minutes). Ask at Orsa turistbyrå for details.