Top things to do in Öland

Top Choice Palace in Borgholm

Solliden Palace

Sweden’s most famous ‘summer house’, Solliden Palace, 2.5km south of Borgholm town centre, is still used by the Swedish royals. Its exceptional gardens are open to the public and are well worth a wander. The idyllic…
Top Choice Castle in Borgholm

Borgholms Slott

Northern Europe’s largest ruined castle, Borgholms Slott looms just south of town. This epic limestone structure was burnt and abandoned early in the 18th century, after life as a dyeworks. There’s a great museum in…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Southern Öland


If you can’t picture how the ring forts looked in their prime, take a trip to Eketorp. The site has been partly reconstructed to show typical fortified villages in medieval times. Children will love the scampering p…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Southern Öland

Mysinge Hög

The biggest single monument amid the ancient grave fields of Mysinge and Gettlinge is Bronze Age tomb Mysinge hög, 4km east of Mörbylånga, from where there are views of almost the whole World Heritage site.
Fortress in Southern Öland


The vast Ismantorp fortress, with the remains of 88 houses and nine mysterious gates, is deep in the woods, about 20km northeast of Ölands Djurpark. Drive north to Rälla and take a right on Högsrumsvägen; keep follo…
Fortress in Southern Öland


The largest Iron Age ring fort in Sweden, Gråborg was built as the Roman Empire was crumbling. Its impressively monumental walls measure 640m around, even though much of the stonework was plundered for later housing…
Landmark in Southern Öland

Öland’s Southernmost Point

Öland’s southernmost point is a stark, striking spectacle of epic sky, sea and rock-strewn pastures. A nature reserve almost surrounded by sea, it’s justifiably popular with birdwatchers. There’s a free Naturum, a g…
Nature Reserve in Southern Öland

Stora Alvaret

Birds, insects and flowers populate the striking limestone plain of Stora Alvaret. Birdwatching is best in May and June, which is also when the Alvar’s rock roses and rare orchids burst into bloom. The plain occupie…
Archaeological Site in Southern Öland


The ancient grave field of Gettlinge, together with similar site Mysinge, stretches for kilometres on the ridge alongside the main Mörbylånga–Degerhamn road. The fields include burial sites and standing stones from …
Swedish in Northern Öland

Lammet & Grisen

Just 10km south of Böda, come here for all-you-can-eat buffet evenings, with whole spit-roasted lamb and pork on the menu, plus live entertainment. The restaurant is particularly family-friendly and you can get disc…