Lapland Active Adventure

Active, Kiruna to Kiruna
Image by G Adventures

Information from G Adventures

Tour description

Nothing prepares you for the icy wilderness of Sweden's far north. This incredible trip takes you right inside the Arctic Circle to the snowy wilderness of Lapland. Slide across the ice in complete silence, listening to the sound of your team of dogs pulling your sled and enjoy the frozen beauty of the ICEHOTEL®. Sleeping out in a teepee in the snow and looking out for the aurora borealis (northern lights) are unforgettable experiences.

What's included

  • Your Welcome Moment: Meet Your CEO and Group Your Hands-On Moment: Ice Fishing, Kiruna Your Local Living Moment: Sami Cultural Experience, Kiruna
  • Dog-sledding activities (3-day)
  • Sami village and reindeer farm
  • Ice fishing and snowshoeing expeditions


  • Dog-sled through icy wilderness
  • See the northern lights in all their glory
  • Visit the renowned icehotel®


Day 1: Kiruna Arrive in Kiruna. Included visit to Vittangi Moose Park in the late afternoon.

Day 2: Kiruna After breakfast, transfer to the kennels to meet the team of dogs, your personal transport for a couple of days. After sledding across the ice, try and catch dinner on an ice fishing experience.

Day 3: Kiruna A full-day dog sledding, and the chance to glimpse the famous Northern Lights at night.

Day 4: Kiruna Return the dogs to their kennels, then switch to a different form of transport with a snowshoeing expedition.

Day 5: Kiruna/Icehotel Leave the wilderness lodge and return to civilization. Visit the museum of Sami culture and take a reindeer safari. Visit the world famous ICEHOTEL®.

Day 6: Icehotel/Kiruna Free morning for activities available at the ICEHOTEL®. Depart at any time.