Railway in Gällivare


The 1300km Inlandsbanan between Gällivare in the north and Kristinehamn in the south is a huge train experience. With lots of stops along the way, you can buy one-way tickets for sections of the route, a two-week ra…
Helicopter in Laponia World Heritage Area


Fiskflyg offers daily helicopter flights for the Padjelanta Trail in the summer. It flies Ritsem–Staloluokta–Ritsem once daily, with the possibility of stopping at the Vaisaluokta, Ennonjalme and Kutjaure STF mounta…
Airport in Kiruna

Kiruna Airport

Kiruna Airport, 7km east of the town, has nonstop flights to Stockholm (one to three daily), as well as several weekly nonstop flights to Umeå. The airport bus (one way adult/child 110/55kr) is timed to meet Stockho…
Boat in Karesuando

M/S Malla

Sails from Kilpisjärvi to Koltaluokta (Finland; €28 return, 45 minutes, 10am, 2pm and 6pm Finnish time late June to early August), an old Sami residence. The boat waits at Koltaluokta for two hours. It must have at …
Helicopter in Nikkaluokta & Kebnekaise

Kallax Flyg

Transports hikers twice-daily (8.30am and 5pm) between Nikkaluokta and Kebnekaise, from late June to late August and daily until late September (8.30am). Can drop off hikers in the wilderness upon request.
Boat in Laponia World Heritage Area

Båttrafik i Kvikkjokk

There are up to three boats daily between late June and mid-September between Kvikkjokk and Bobäcken, where you can start or finish the Padjelanta Trail.
Airport in Arvidsjaur

Arvidsjaur Airport

Arvidsjaur Airport is 11km east of the centre and has several daily connections to Stockholm-Arlanda.
Bus Station in Kiruna

Bus Station

The bus station is centrally located within walking distance of most hotels and restaurants.