Lappland shopping

Top Choice Glass in Arvidsjaur

Arctic Glass

Located 4km west of town on E45, this little place has refined glass products with Sami-inspired designs. There's some nice stuff on display and for sale, including candle holders, wine glasses, goblets, bowls and v…
Design in Jokkmokk

Jokkmokks Tenn

Head into this metalworks studio where artisans are making Sami-inspired jewellery, goblets, cups and vases out of pewter (tin and copper), silver and gold. This is Lappland-designed and Lappland-made; you can watch…
Arts & Crafts in Kiruna

Ateljé Nord

This delightful shop run by a handicraft collective is a good place to meet artisans who specialise in different types of Sami-inspired craft.