Kulla Peninsula attractions

Top Choice Historic Building in Mölle

Krapperups Slott

While you'd never guess from its name, Krapperups Slott is one of Sweden’s oldest and loveliest estates located 5km south of Mölle. The manor has an exterior inlaid with giant white stars representing the coat of ar…
Top Choice Lighthouse in Mölle

Kullens Fyr

It's worth a visit to what's arguably Scandinavia’s oldest lighthouse (there's been a light of some kind here for more than 1000 years) on the Kullaberg Peninsula, if only to appreciate its dramatic clifftop positio…
Top Choice Public Art in Mölle

Royal Republic of Ladonia

In 1996 Swedish artist Lars Vilks built two sculptures, the driftwood Nimis and its younger concrete sibling Arx, on a beach in the Kullaberg National Park on the Kulla Peninsula’s northern side. Created without per…
Nature Reserve in Mölle

Kullaberg Nature Reserve

This magnificent nature reserve occupies the tip of the Kulla Peninsula and houses Scandinavia’s brightest lighthouse, Kullens fyr, the light of which can be seen from 50km away. The reserve offers a dramatic specta…
Museum in Höganäs

Höganäs Museum & Konsthall

Art lovers should head to this fascinating museum where the highlight is a brilliant collection of witty, exquisitely humane sculptures from home-grown artist Åke Holm.