Music in Umeå

House of Metal

Annual metalfest with black-clad fans headbanging to the likes of Festering Remains, Immortal and Hellbound.
Music in Östersund


A gigantic, raucous annual music festival, Storsjöyran is held in the town centre in late July or early August and features a range of local and international artists. Some 50,000 people attend.
Music in Skellefteå


Skellefteå's popular City Festival attracts upwards of 90,000 over four days in late June or early July with music, markets and an amusement park.
Sailing in Ulvön


Held annually since 1909, this popular sailing regatta and party attracts yachts from all over for four days in mid-July.
Sports in Åre

Åre Extreme Challenge

Multi-sport challenge that sees its competitors mountain biking, paddling and running for the top prize in late June.
Sports in Åre

Åre Bike Festival

Popular mountain-biking event in July.
Music in Härnösand

Härnösand Stadfest

Härnösand celebrates summer with a two-day music festival in late July.