LGBT Travellers

Sweden is a famously liberal country; it was a leader in establishing gay and lesbian registered partnerships, and since 2009 its gender-neutral marriage law has given same-sex married couples the same rights and obligations as heterosexual married couples. The national organisation for LGBTI rights is Riksförbundet för Sexuellt Likaberättigande.

There are gay bars and nightclubs in the big cities, but ask local RFSL societies or your home organisation for up-to-date information. The Spartacus International Gay Guide ( is an excellent international directory of gay entertainment venues.

Another good source of information is the free monthly magazine QX. You can pick it up at many clubs, shops and restaurants in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen (Denmark). The magazine’s website ( has news, information and recommendations, albeit in Swedish.

One of the capital’s biggest parties is the annual Stockholm Pride, a five-day festival celebrating gay culture. The extensive program covers art, debate, health, literature, music, spirituality and sport.