Haparanda attractions

Museum in Haparanda

Museum of Tornio Valley

This museum, only a 200m walk from Haparanda's Tourist Office and into Finland, showcases Tornio Valley culture and history on both sides of the Swedish–Finnish border. There's lots of pictorial and film material, p…
Cultural Centre in Haparanda


Located 15km north of Haparanda on Rte 99, Kukkolaforsen is a scenic spot where the Torneälv River is covered with the white crests of the Kukkolaforsen rapids, and in summer, you can watch locals hunt for whitefish…
National Park in Haparanda

Haparanda Archipelago National Park

This gorgeous national park covers the Swedish side of the islands and is to the west of the Finnish Perämeri National Park. There are two relatively large islands, Sandskär and Seskar Furö, and a number of smaller …