Non-EU citizens require an offer of paid employment prior to their arrival in Sweden. They need to apply for a work permit (and residence permit for stays over three months), enclosing confirmation of the job offer, completed forms (available from Swedish diplomatic posts or over the internet), two passport photos and their passport. Processing takes six to eight weeks, and there’s a non-refundable application fee of 2000kr (1000kr for athletes, performers and a few other job categories).

Australians and New Zealanders aged 18 to 30 years can qualify for a one-year working-holiday visa. Full application details are available online through Migrationsverket (

Work permits are only granted if there’s a shortage of Swedish workers (or citizens from EU countries) with certain in-demand skills; speaking Swedish may be essential for the job. Students enrolled in Sweden can take summer jobs, but these can be hard to find and such work isn’t offered to travelling students.

Plenty of helpful information can be found online from the Arbetsförmedlinga (Swedish National Labour Market Administration;