Swedish phone numbers have area codes followed by a varying number of digits.

Mobile Phones

EU residents can use their mobile device in Sweden without incurring roaming surcharges. Non-EU visitors can purchase a local SIM card for use in their mobile phone. Check that your phone will work in Europe's GSM 900/1800 network.

Further Information

  • Local SIM cards are readily available from telco providers such as Telia, Comviq, Tre and Telenor. Some SIM cards are offered free as part of a prepaid starter pack if ordered online on the provider's website or at one of its stores.
  • SIM cards can also be purchased from Pressbyrån locations (around 50kr to 100kr), including at Stockholm Arlanda airport. Top-ups are available at numerous retailers, including grocery stores and petrol stations.
  • Before leaving home, make sure that your phone isn't blocked from using a SIM card purchased abroad. If you're coming from outside Europe, also check that your phone will work in Europe's GSM 900/1800 network (US phones work on a different frequency).

Phone Codes

For international calls dial 00, followed by the country code and then the local area code. Calls to Sweden from abroad require the country code (46) followed by the area code and telephone number (omitting the first zero in the area code).

Mobile-phone codes start with 010, 070, 076, 073 and 0730. Toll-free codes include 020 and 0200 (but toll-free numbers can’t be called from public telephones or abroad).

Directory assistance (118 119) International.

Directory assistance (118 118) Within Sweden.

Emergency services (112) Toll free.