Top Choice Hotel in Kosta

Kosta Boda Art Hotel

As befitting the best hotel in the Glass Kingdom, Kosta Boda Art Hotel showcases inspired glasswork in unusual ways – like a designer glass bar. Each of the 102 rooms also features glasswork and textiles by Kosta Bo…
Glassworks in Nybro


Of the two glassworks in Nybro, the unfortunately named Puke­berg, just southeast of the centre, is perhaps more interesting for its historic setting (dating from 1871).
Glassworks in Nybro


Nybro is a small glassworks specialising in quirky items (think Elvis Presley glass platters).
Museum in Nybro

Madesjö Hembygdsgård

No one has counted, apparently, but there are probably upwards of 35,000 objects on display at this fascinating ethnological museum housed in the former stables of Nybro's village church. Various tableaus illustrate…
Glassworks in Glasriket


Established in 1898, this huge site is home to a factory and a large shop with a shipping service. The ubersleek museum-gallery showcases a range of stunning glassware spanning 1910 to the present day, and houses st…
Glassworks in Glasriket

Carlos R Pebaqué

Uruguayan-born artist Carlos R Pebaqué creates extraordinary vases in his one glass oven.
Glassworks in Glasriket

Mats Jonasson Factory

The large and popular Mats Jonasson factory sells somewhat kitsch engraved glass-animal designs from around Skr159. There’s also a restaurant for a post-shopping refuel.
Glassworks in Glasriket

Kosta Boda

One of the first glassworks in Sweden, today the Kosta Boda complex (established 1742) pulls in coachloads of visitors, who raid the vast discount outlets. It’s touristy, but the Kosta Boda Art Hotel, exhibition gal…
Wildlife Reserve in Kosta

Grönåsens Älgpark

For a close encounter with a beautiful bandy-legged elk, head for Sweden’s biggest elk park, located 3km west of Kosta towards Orrefors. You can admire these gentle creatures on a 1.3km walk in the forested enclosur…
Geographical Area in Glasriket