Top Choice Historic Building in Falun

Carl Larsson-gården

Whatever you do, don’t miss Carl Larsson-gården, home of artist Carl Larsson and his wife, Karin, in the picturesque village of Sundborn. After the couple’s deaths, their early-20th-century home was preserved in its…
Museum in Falun

Dalarnas Museum

Dalarnas Museum is a super introduction to Swedish folk art, music and costumes. It's kid-friendly, too, with the opposite of the usual 'Do not touch' signs (these say 'Be curious! Please touch!'). Selma Lagerlöf’s …
Church in Falun

Kristine Kyrka

A sea of baroque blue and gold hits you at Kristine Kyrka (built 1642–55), which shows off the riches brought to town by the 17th-century copper trade. In the square in front of the church (Stortorget) is an impress…
Museum in Falun

Mine Museum

The mine museum, just behind the ticket-sales building at the entrance to the mining complex, contains everything you could possibly want to know about the history, administration, engineering, geology and copper pr…
Church in Falun

Stora Kopparbergs Kyrka

Falun’s oldest building is Stora Kopparbergs Kyrka, dating from the late 14th century, with brick vaulting and folk-art flowers running round the walls.
Mine in Falun

Falu Kopparbergsgruva

Falun’s copper mine was the world’s most important by the 17th century; called 'Sweden's treasure chest,' it drove the small country's international aspirations. Entrance to the mining complex is west of town at the…