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Top Choice Museum in Eksjö

Eksjö Museum

Award-winning Eksjö Museum tells the town’s story from the 15th century onward. The top floor is devoted to local Albert Engström (1869–1940), renowned for his burlesque, satirical cartoons. Eksjö was once known as …
Nature Reserve in Eksjö

Skurugata Nature Reserve

The Skurugata Nature Reserve, 13km northeast of Eksjö, is centred on a peculiar 800m-long fissure in the rocks. Its sides tower to 56m, yet in places the fissure is only 7m wide. In times past, the ravine was believ…
Museum in Eksjö

Fornminnesgårdens Museum

Wander around this compact collection of 17th-century timber dwellings and buildings at Fornminnesgårdens Museum. Exhibits here chart the history of the area from the Stone Age to modern times. Opening hours for the…