Tourist Information in Idre

Idre Turistbyrå

The tourist office has brochures, hiking advice and internet access. Staff can book accommodation and arrange activities such as skiing, hiking, canyoning, rock climbing, boat trips, elk and beaver safaris, horse ri…
Tourist Information in Falun

Falu Turistbyrå

This tourist office has a nice gift shop and can book accommodation. Friendly staff can help with questions about the whole region.
Library in Leksand

Leksands bibliotek

Leksand's busy library can provide internet access, regional information and hosts occasional art exhibitions.
Tourist Information in Mora

Siljan Turism Mora Tourist Center

Friendly staff can offer advice on how best to explore Lake Siljan from your base in Mora.
Tourist Information in Leksand

Siljan Turism Leksand Tourist Center

Leksand's tourist office has information on Dalarna county and Lake Siljan.
Tourist Information in Orsa

Orsa turistbyrå

Provides maps and brochures and can help you get to Orsa Grönklitt.
Tourist Information in Sälen

Sälens Turistbyrå

Inside the Centrumhuset shopping centre.
Library in Falun

Falu stadsbibliotek

Sign in here for free internet access.
Tourist Information in Rättvik

Siljan Turism Rättvik Tourist Center

Has info for the entire Siljan region.