Tourist Information in Uppsala

Destination Uppsala

The official tourist website offers helpful advice about the whole county. While there is no longer a tourist office in Uppsala, you will find a number of staffed 'info-points' around town, offering maps, brochures,…
Tourist Information in Sala

Sala Turistbyrå

The tourist office inside the town hall faces the main square; it doesn’t always stick to posted hours, but brochures are also available at the library. Free internet access is available at both the tourist office a…
Tourist Information in Idre

Idre Turistbyrå

The tourist office has brochures, hiking advice and internet access. Staff can book accommodation and arrange activities such as skiing, hiking, canyoning, rock climbing, boat trips, elk and beaver safaris, horse ri…
Tourist Information in Nora

Nora Turistbyrå

At the train station by the lake, the tourist office books various guided tours (from June to August), including a town walk (adult/seven to 14 years 60/30kr) available in English. Alternatively, buy a brochure (10k…
Tourist Information in Västerås

Västerås Tourist Centre

The tourist office can help with visitor inquiries for the town and region. Staff are particularly friendly and helpful and can load you up with pamphlets galore.
Tourist Information in Central Sweden

Lövstabruks Turistinformation

The tourist office in Lövstabruk is inside the Stora Magasinet building, next to the Wärdshus restaurant.
Tourist Information in Karlstad

Karlstads Turistbyrå

Sharing the same building as the library at the edge of the town centre, the tourist office has lots of info on Värmland and beyond.
Tourist Information in Falun

Falu Turistbyrå

This tourist office has a nice gift shop and can book accommodation. Friendly staff can help with questions about the whole region.
Tourist Information in Örebro

Visit Örebro

The tourist office is inside Ôrebro Slottet on the first floor of the southwest tower.
Tourist Information in Eskilstuna

Eskilstuna Station360

Located at Eskilstuna Centralstation, this is your one-stop shop for public transport, bus and rail information.