Top things to do in Bohuslän Coast

Top Choice Seafood in Tjörn

Magasinet Härön

The summer home and restaurant of Gothenburg chef Mats Nordström, within a stone’s throw of the sea in an 1847 fisherman’s magasinet (depot), this seafood star is located at the northwestern end of Tjörn. The menu s…
Top Choice Seafood in Klädesholmen

Salt & Sill

Waterside Salt & Sill, attached to a floating boutique hotel, is one of the best seafood restaurants in the region (which is saying something), with an innovative, changing menu. The herring board is legendary, …
Top Choice Seafood in Lysekil


Across the estuary from the Fiskebäckskil ferry terminal, this celebrated waterfront restaurant is lauded for its superb fish dishes that taste so fresh that the fish may as well have just leapt out of the harbour o…
Gallery in Tjörn

Nordiska Akvarellmuseet

Skärhamn is home to the superb Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, a sleek waterside building housing exhibits by the likes of Arne Isacsson, whose watercolors defined the form for a generation of artists in Bohuslän, and Lars…
Aquarium in Lysekil

Havets Hus

Havets Hus is an excellent aquarium with sea life from Gullmarn, Sweden’s only true fjord, which cuts past Lysekil. Peer at such cold-water beauties as wolffish, lumpsuckers, anglerfish, cranky-looking flatfish, ray…
Seafood in Tjörn


Legendary fish dishes are served in this gourmet cafe-restaurant attached to the Nordiska Akvarelmuseet, with the archipelago as an ideal backdrop.
Seafood in Åstol

Åstols Rökeri

Feast on the likes of fish stew and Åstols Rökeri's very own smoked salmon at this fish smokery with summer restaurant attached.
Zoo in Smögen

Nordens Ark

Snow leopards, wolves and lynxes prowl Nordens Ark, a well-conceived safari park 12km northeast of Smögen. It shows off animals and plants from countries with a similar climate to Sweden’s and has breeding programs …
Island in Orust


This picture-perfect island boasts plenty of good swimming holes, some complete with floats and trampolines for the enjoyment of those frolicking in the water. The plenitude of flat, broad rocks makes Käringön an id…
Island in Smögen


This small, rocky, windswept island is home to a historic lighthouse and a number of bird species. Its otherworldly landscape is great for photographers, as is the view coming to and from Smögen harbour on the ferry…