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Top Choice Cafe in Arvidsjaur

Hans På Hörnet

This very local spot has a popular buffet lunch (90kr), and also serves up inexpensive salads, sandwiches and pies. This is the place to try palt, a Swedish meat-filled dumpling.
Barbecue in Arvidsjaur


Belonging to Hotell Laponia, this enormous Sami hut on the lakeside delivers on its promise of 'BBQ with a view'. This place attracts discerning carnivores with its burgers, troll-sized portions of hickory ribs and …
Greek in Arvidsjaur


The Goddess of Love tempts diners with 'Greek-inspired' dishes, so expect to see chicken souvlaki alongside reindeer and smoked moose pizzas in this vaguely Mediterranean set-up with fake marble busts. The food is g…